Best Selmer Saxophone


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Best Selmer Saxophone

Selmer AS-400

  • Selmer Student Model
  • Clear Lacquered Brass Body
  • Nickel-Plated Keys – Range to High F#
  • Engraved Bell
  • Includes Good Used Case and New Mouthpiece


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Best Selmer Saxophone

Selmer AS42

  • Attractive looks.
  • Metal Resonators and ribbed bells provide this sax projection as well as the ability to play with a wide dynamic range.
  • The sound quality and intonation are excellent.
  • Henri Selmer’s neck and mouthpiece.

Best Selmer Saxophone
Who isn’t familiar with the name Selmer within the world of the saxophone? A person who isn’t fully immersed in the world we describe. It’s true Selmer is recognized for its top instruments, and Selmer Saxophones are among the most demanded instruments by professional musicians around the world.

Selmer has been involved in making saxophones for more than 100 years. Therefore, if you’re looking for an expert, Selmer has more than enough. It’s not surprising that their instruments are so great. The company offers a variety of saxophones, from alto to baritone saxophone and even Selmer tenor sax.

Naturally, picking the best Selmer Saxophone is somewhat difficult if aren’t sure how to use it. However, that’s the reason we’re here to assist. The article will introduce the brand to you on an even more in-depth scale. We will provide a brief and honest assessment of our top 5 best Selmer saxophones from the company.

Selmer AS-500

Best Selmer Saxophone

The review starts by playing the Selmer student saxophone, the AS-500, and it’s one of the best Selmer saxophones. Without a doubt, it’s a stunning instrument, just as we’re accustomed to from Selmer. This saxophone has been built with high-quality construction. In addition, with its clear lacquered finish, it excels in its looks.

It’s quite expensive in particular since it is designed for beginners. However, if you’re familiar with Selmer, you’ll believe that. Selmer saxophones for beginners distinguish themselves from the rest by offering several modern features. The cost is justifiable to some extent.

We are confident that this product will last for a long period of usage, since it’s durable and sturdy.

Additionally, it’s something that you can use even as an entry-level instrument. The quality of sound produced by the AS-500 is a great match for advanced models from other brands.

This is an extremely heavy saxophone for those who are just beginning to learn. So, if you’ve got a child who wants to master the saxophone, it might not be the best choice for them right now.

As we said earlier, there are numerous advanced features available on the Selmer AS-500 which make the instrument different from other saxophones used by students. Take a look:

The sax has the sharp key with high F that you will find most often on instruments of higher levels.

There’s also the adjustable thumb rest as well as the pinky cluster linkage. These features make the saxophone comfortable to play, making it more efficient. With minimal effort, you’ll be producing gorgeous sound.

In terms of tone, this one is stunning and full of character. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly worth it.


  • Selmer Student Model
  • Clear Lacquered Brass Body
  • Nickel-Plated Keys – Range to High F#
  • Engraved Bell
  • Includes Good Used Case and New Mouthpiece


  • It comes with a variety of advanced features.
  • Durable and sturdy build.
  • Great Tone and sound.
  • Highly enjoyable.


  • A bit too heavy for beginner kids to work with.

Selmer SAS280

Best Selmer Saxophone

The next step is to explore Selmer’s professional lineup of saxophones, which is The La Voix II series, and it’s one of the best Selmer saxophones too. This time, we’re reviewing the Selmer SAS280 – a highly versatile instrument that fits seamlessly regardless of genre.

This is a professional-grade instrument aimed at the musician with years of experience who can’t afford to compromise on tone or sound. There are many functions on the sax that, when placed in the appropriate hands, will achieve their maximum potential.

One can feel the quality of the craftsmanship Selmer put into it. Made by Selmer’s French factories, the SAS280 is built to stand up to years of use.

The final look on the SAS280 is stunning. This is something that any professional player would be happy to have in their arsenal.

Besides, the work on the keys here is also quite regular and professional, which allows players to get precise playing each time. This allows the instrument to be played with ease, providing an amazing sound with little effort.

Since we’re talking about keys, The SAS280 is available in the key F, which is standard for pro instruments.

Additionally, the intonation, sound, and pitch are all uniform and one of a particular kind. Overall, the sound quality that the horn produces will amaze you.

The only items Selmer offers in this set include a case for carrying as well as a mouthpiece and the ligature and strap.


  • SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone Outfit Black Nickel
  • The Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone fluid keys give it an air of relaxation, and its precise tone and warm tone make it an ideal instrument in the concert band or the fingers of a soloist.
  • The Selmer La Voix II sax traditional-sized bell can help musicians keep their tone in check and allows easy mixing
  • You’ll be pleased with the price of the Selmer SAS280 La Voix alto saxophone as well as the quality of sound.
  • Then you can get an upgrade sax with features, such as professional key styling for precise finger movement – that you’d think of only finding on expensive instruments.


  • The tone is clear and focused.
  • It helps players achieve precise finger placement.
  • A versatile instrument that fits in any music genre.


  • It might be beyond some people’s reach.

Selmer STS280

Best Selmer Saxophone

This is our first glimpse at a tenor saxophone by Selmer. It’s also part of Selmer’s La Voix series where Selmer sells its professional quality instrument.

This is vintage due to the high-end brass body. It’s a sturdy build on the top, which means the quality and durability won’t be an issue. It’s evident how much attention to detail and care Selmer used to create this instrument.

This thoughtfulness is obvious in the quality of the sound that it creates. The sound is clear, deep, and robust, without air leaks at all.

It’s not too late to add that this sax is also beautiful with a lacquered finish. Of course, it has the signature hand-engraved design on the bell, which gives it the wow factor.

For more technical details, click here now. (есть ссылка на технические детали?)

It has a stunningly fluid sound and acoustic performance. Additionally, the neck is low-resistance, which enables the saxophone to produce exact and precise sound as the musician would expect.

Apart from that things, we’re pleased by the fact that it features a small key design. This is important because it makes the saxophone playable. What’s more, the design isn’t ergonomic, which is why this can help somewhat.

Other features we love about this sax include its tiny rib body, which has a direct impact on sound and resonance. Additionally, there are leather pads that are treated and high F sharp bell flare, fine-tuning screws, and a lightweight case that will protect your investment.


  • Double Braced Bell Keys
  • Full-Ribbed Construction
  • Treated Leather Pads
  • Leather-Like Backpack Case


  • It’s a very multi-faceted instrument that is quite versatile.
  • Excellent Intonation.
  • Luxurious look.
  • The saxophone is vintage in design with a clear and deep sound.
  • Excellent construction.


  • You’ll require an additional mouthpiece and ligature if you’re a band member.


Best Selmer Saxophone

Selmer AS42 is an entry-level professional instrument and one of the best Selmer saxophones. What makes this instrument even more amazing? It’s the result of the Selmer-ordained marriage between Selmer USA in the United States and Henri Selmer Paris. The result? A gorgeous Selmer AS42 that people are in love with!

It comes with a real Henri Selmer Paris neck. Additionally, you’ll get this Selmer Paris mouthpiece exclusive to the AM42.

This way, Selmer makes this the only American Selmer instrument in the price range to be equipped complete with Henri Selmer parts. This is an impressive feat!

In terms of performance, this Saxophone responds exceptionally well. With its flexibility, it can be used in a variety of situations from jazz to classical performances. Whilst jazz as a genre was still in its infancy at the launch of the Model 22, its C Melody version (made along with the rest of the saxophone family after the success of the alto version) became popular with jazz musicians of the day.

The ribbed design and the metal resonators work to increase tone and range.

Naturally, you’ll already tell that this is a beautiful bell with a gorgeous design. It’s also typical to see the pattern that is hand-engraved on the bell, which adds a unique look.

As a bonus, Selmer gives you a very cool, light carry case that you can transport your instrument. It also shields your instrument and makes sure that it lasts the time you’ll need it.


  • Henri Selmer Paris mouthpiece
  • Construction with ribbed ribs
  • High F# key
  • Multiple adjustment screws
  • Mechanism of the table rocking
  • Blue steel springs
  • Treated leather pads that have metal resonances
  • BAM case
  • Clear lacquered brass, hand-engraved with a laser.


  • Attractive looks.
  • Metal Resonators and ribbed bells provide this sax projection as well as the ability to play with a wide dynamic range.
  • The sound quality and intonation are excellent.
  • Henri Selmer’s neck and mouthpiece.


  • It is not cheap.

Selmer Paris Reference 54

Best Selmer Saxophone

This is the current Selmer treasurer. It’s the contemporary version of the legendary gem that was the Selmer Paris Tenor saxophone The Selmer Mark VI, the gorgeous Saxophone that was popular in the 1960s.

Similar to the legendary sax, Selmer Paris Reference 54 tenor meets the requirements for all of the great features alongside a modern design.

Listening to the Reference 54 Tenor is a fascinating experience and an incredible instrument. It is a fullness and warmth that is unrivaled.

The newer version of its Selmer Paris Reference 54 is a little lighter than the previous Mark VI and the keys provide a more comfortable and smooth experience. Musicians also appreciate the fact that it’s lighter than the previous Mark VI.


  • The Reference short descriptions of the saxophones truly are built in the spirit of Mark VI
  • 74 Detail Selmer Paris Reference 54 tone sounds like the sound you seek in a top Tenor.


  • Tone rich that resembles the original Mark VI
  • It is lighter than its predecessor.
  • It is comfortable to hold


  • Could be slightly brighter than was expected.

About Selmer Saxophones

Selmer company was founded in Paris in 1885. It was a producer of mouthpieces and reeds for woodwinds.

Selmer introduced saxophones into their instrument line-up in 1922. In the early part of the second half of the 20th century, Selmer continued to refine their saxophones mechanically as well as in acoustic terms, including models like Model 22, Model 26, Model 28, and the groundbreaking “Balanced Action” model, which came out in 1936.

In 1954, however, Selmer introduced the Mark VI series of Saxophones.

The range featured sopranino, baritone, alto, tenor and bass saxophones featuring innovative key work and mechanical options along with better acoustics that is refined with bore, bow neck tapers as well as styles.

Mark VI range was incredibly loved by all kinds of professional saxophonists. It is possibly the most well-known model of saxophone to date.

Mark VI range was in production from 1974 until it was replaced with the Mark VII alto and tenor models (the other models weren’t part of the Mark VII range, and were thought of as Mark VI models).

The Mark VIIs did not have the awe-inspiring or enchanting appeal associated with Mark VI range, and even though there are some fantastic Mark VII saxophones, but in general, they didn’t meet the expectations which Mark VI began.

Selmer produces a variety of styles of alto, baritone and tenor saxophones.

A thing to keep in mind – instruments that are simply “Selmer” are generally assembled in America (although typically the parts are made in France), while those carrying the more intricate Henri Selmer Paris logo are manufactured by Selmer French factories.

Saxophone Buying Checklist

Best Selmer Saxophone

Before we dive into the particular Selmer models of saxophone, here are a few things you need to be aware of when buying any saxophone model:


Make a budget before you begin looking at instruments!

It is recommended to conduct some of your own research (either online or in-person) before you decide on your budget, however, make sure you are aware of your price range before entering.

There’s no reason not to test the top-of-the-line Selmer Paris saxophones when your budget is only $500.

Renting in contrast to Buying

One of the factors to consider when the process of determining your budget is to figure out whether you’ll be buying or renting your saxophone.

The most common reason to buy an instrument is to help a young aspiring student. If they fail to stick to learning the saxophone, then you’ve spent your money on a saxophone which will be tucked away in your closet.

Consider that if you’re renting, the money you’re paying to the rental company goes to waste. If you purchase an instrument, you’ll be able to recover part (or the majority) of the money you spent through the sale of it in case you quit your student (or is required to upgrade to a more expensive instrument).

If you’re purchasing a professional or intermediate saxophone, you don’t have a reason not to look into renting.

The saxophones with higher quality generally have the same value as beginner instruments.

New Comparative to Used

Although there are aesthetic (and sometimes even emotional) advantages to owning the latest shiny instrument, be sure to consider the possibility of using second-hand instruments that are suitable for players of all levels.

In most cases, you’ll get a used saxophone for sale that’s hundreds of bucks less expensive than a brand new model of the same type. If the instrument has been well taken care of, it’s a no-brainer!

If you’re considering buying second-hand instruments, be sure you bring any instruments to a trusted expert for an in-depth examination before you settle on a price.

Of course, if your looking for specific instruments (like Mark VI), you have the option of looking at an old sax, and they can cost extremely high considering that these instruments are considered collector’s objects.

If you’re not a great player, you might want to bring one of the Selmer horns you have inherited – old trumpets can contain “duds”, and you do not want to be stuck with one!


There are a lot of alternatives, the majority of the saxophones for beginners are constructed using brass bodies in yellow and clear lacquer. Brass or nickel-silver keys are the most common.

For more sophisticated saxophones you can purchase sterling silver, bronze, or copper bells and bodies. There are also silver or gold plates or colored lacquer for saxes that are more expensive.

Although some players prefer lacquered instruments, lacquer can assist in protecting the body and limbs of the saxophone. That is why it’s suggested for younger students.

High-F or F# key

It is possible to play high-F# saxophone without the F# key. If you are planning to use this saxophone in more complex literature, you must search for this option.

This could help a novice instrument last longer.

Saxophone Necks

Although the majority of beginner saxophones are built to last, there is a way to enhance their sound by upgrading or replacing certain parts.

The most noticeable upgrades are the neck of the saxophone mouthpiece, and, of course, the reed.

If you’re looking to upgrade but don’t have the money for a new instrument, you can try upgrading any of these instruments and see whether they could give you a new lease of vitality into your instrument.

American Selmer Saxophone Models

Best Selmer Saxophone

There are two models that are American-made Selmer worth a look at.

They are beginner to professional instruments. They have clearer and more professional sound than the more expensive Paris-made Selmer Saxophones.

AS500 Alto Saxophone, TS500 Tenor Saxophone, BS500 Baritone Saxophone

The 500-series of Selmer Saxophones are specifically designed for beginner players. However, they include certain of the acoustical as well as mechanical features of more sophisticated Selmer Saxophones.

An “L” at the end of a model indicates that it has been lacquered. The “S” means that it is silver-plated.

La Voix II Series (Models SSS280, SAS280, STS280)

The La Voix II model Saxophones are professional instruments that are produced in America. The range is not comprised of the baritone saxophone, but it does include a soprano saxophone.

Alongside the sophisticated mechanical and acoustical design they are offered in a range of finishes like clear lacquer and black lacquer (B) and copper lacquer (C) or silver lacquer (S).

A fantastic sax for advanced-skilled players with a tight budget!

Henri Selmer Paris Saxophone Models

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Selmer company was established in Paris and a lot of its finest instruments are still manufactured in France.

This includes the famous Mark VI saxophone line, and in the present, there are two main Paris-made saxophone lines to take into consideration.

Super Action 80 Series II

(Model 50 Sopranino, Model 51 Soprano, Model 52 Alto, Model 54 Tenor, Model 55 Bari, Model 56 Bass)

Sometimes, it is shortened to “Series II”, these are high-end instruments that are made according to the most exact standards.

With a wide range of saxophone models to choose from (sopranino alto, soprano, baritone, tenor bass) they have the warmth and versatility that makes them simple to play and suitable for almost any musical setting.

Reference Series

They are inspired by the famous Selmer Paris models of the past, but they are modernized with advancements in acoustics as well as key mechanisms.

Reference 36 (alto and tenor saxophone) models are modeled after “Super Balanced Action” models (introduced in 1936) and those of the Reference 54 (alto and tenor Saxophone) models are inspired by the famous Mark VI saxophone (introduced in 1954).


As Selmer is in the business of saxophones for more than a hundred years, it’s not a surprise that they have top-quality instruments for professionals, but even if you’re only beginning your journey to saxophone there’s the instrument you’re looking for as well!

FAQ on Best Selmer Saxophone

What do I need to know about Selmer saxophones?

Selmer saxophones are one of the most popular brands of saxophones. They have a rich history and their products are well-known for their sound quality.

Selmer is a brand that has been around for over a century and they have been producing high-quality instruments since the late 1800s. The Selmer Company was founded in Paris in 1885 and they started out as a piano maker before moving on to other instruments like guitars, drums, and eventually saxophones.

Throughout the years, Selmer has continued to produce high-quality instruments with great sound quality, which is why they are one of the most popular brands of saxophones in the world.

Selmer makes both student and professional models of saxophones that are available in different keys.

How can I find the best Selmer saxophone for my needs?

Selmer saxophones have been around for a long time and they are still the most popular type of saxophone. There are many different types of Selmer saxophones and it is important to understand what you need before you buy one.

The Selmer Super Balanced Action is the most popular Selmer saxophone, but it’s also the most expensive. If you want a more affordable option, then you should consider the Selmer ASB-13.

Where can I buy a Selmer saxophone?

Selmer is a brand of musical instruments made by the Selmer Company. You can buy a Selmer saxophone from various online retailers, including Musicians Friend, Amazon, and Ebay.

Are Selmer saxophones expensive?

Selmer saxophones are not always expensive. They range in price from $300 to $4000.

What are the features of Selmer saxophones?

Selmer saxophones are known for their design and quality of sound. They come in a variety of models, from student models to professional models.

There are many features that Selmer saxophones have, but the most famous is the sound. Selmer saxophones are known for their quality of sound and tone which is perfect for jazz music.

Selmer saxophones also have a variety of different keys which can be used by different players. Some of these keys include C, G, D, E-flat and B-flat. These keys can be changed with an Allen wrench to adjust the instrument to the needs of the player.

Which is the best Selmer saxophone for me?

There are many Selmer saxophones in the market and it can be confusing to pick the right one for you. The best way to find out which saxophone is the right one for you is to consider your budget, your needs and what you want to use it for.

The Selmer Soloist II alto saxophone is a good choice if you are looking for a saxophone that will provide a professional sound. It has an excellent design and has been handcrafted by expert craf

Selmer is a brand of saxophone, and it also refers to the company that produces these instruments. Selmer is one of the oldest brands in the industry, and they produce a wide range of saxophones in different price ranges.

Selmer offers beginner, intermediate, and professional level saxophones. The beginner models are usually less expensive but still provide an excellent sound quality for beginners.

The intermediate models are more expensive but offer better quality sound than the beginner models do.

The professional models are more expensive than both of these other two categories and provide the best overall sound quality out of all three categories.


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