Best Clarinet Brands


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Best Clarinet Brands


  • Stunning blue color
  • Starter kit that includes a sturdy stand and case
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting ABS resin construction


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Best Clarinet Brands

Jean-Paul USA CL-300

  • Durable: It is made of ebonite, and has a higher sound than plastic, despite not being as hard. Also, it requires less maintenance than wood.
  • The instrument is not expensive: It is made for a well-rounded clarinet player.
  • Tone: Provides a broad variety of tones as well as an impressive projection.


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Best Clarinet Brands

Jean Paul USA CL-400

  • Key of BB with a Boehm 17 key system
  • Abs body resin construction with a matte finish to simulate the ACTUAL grain of the wood
  • Silver-plated keys for a softer and warmer sound
  • Professional Jean Paul cpc-200 carrying case for an extra level of quality and protection

Best Clarinet Brands

If you’re an avid clarinet player, perhaps you are already aware that there are numerous clarinet brands, some of which are considered to be the best on the market, and varieties of clarinets available to beginning students, intermediate players as well as professionals. If you’re just beginning your journey or have been playing for some time, the choices might seem rather difficult.

There is a broad selection of clarinets available at all levels of players’ routines. This article provides some of the features to be looking for and then outlines our review of the best clarinets for intermediate and beginner students.


Best Clarinet Brands

The beginner clarinets are a good choice for novices who want good sound quality with an affordable budget. It features a durable nickel-plated key system as well as an extremely durable ABS body made of resin. It is capable of enduring much effort on it and is ideally suited to be used in marching bands.

It’s lightweight and the adjustable thumb rest increases the comfort and playability of the musical instrument. This makes it a breeze for both children and beginners.

One of the most noticeable features of the instrument is its sleek blue sky finish, but it’s also available in different shades. It’s usually popular with jazz musicians.

The package includes a set of Reeds, a mouthpiece, a ligature, a cap to store it, clean paper, cork grease, and gloves. Also, the stand and case to keep your instrument safe are included. The case also comes with an index book that can be carried in a pocket for new users to help them in establishing instrument assembly as well as the correct finger placement and the proper care methods.


  • Complete Instrument Kit: the instrument itself, the mouthpiece case, the case of 10 Reeds (2.5″) as well as the cleaner cloth, cork grease, the pocketbook, gloves, and stands. Everything you require to start!
  • The kit is equipped perfectly for beginners and hobbyists. B Flat clarinet kit is light, easy to adjust, and simple to carry. It is ideal for any student who wants to play the woodwind or wind instruments.
  • Elegant Design: Elegant and smooth, our clarinet for kids is constructed of a premium plastic cast, with nickel-plated keys, catching the attention of clarinet enthusiasts all over the world.
  • High Quality: The entire range of Mendini made by Cecilio clarinets is examined by the technicians in the distribution center to make sure that all their band instruments are of the highest standard.
  • Young Musical Instruments: Do have any young aspiring musicians? The clarinets for beginners make the perfect present to ignite a passion for music for the foreseeable future.


  • Stunning blue color
  • Starter kit that includes a sturdy stand and case
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting ABS resin construction
  • Simple for beginners and kids to learn


  • For some novices, the audio quality may not be enough
  • It will have to be replaced when the skill level increases
  • The quality of sound could be diminished through the plastic construction

Hisonic Series 2610

Best Clarinet Brands

The instrument is attractive and has simple playability as well as an outstanding tone quality. It is a very capable instrument. It has an excellent sound that is suitable for a variety of different performances. The clarinet features silver-plated keys, and pads made in the United States.

The instrument is made of ebonite. Hisonic signature clarinet is equipped with cork grease, a clarinet swab, and a cushioned carrying case. The case is lined with plush to protect the instrument from damage that is caused by exposure to extreme temperatures. The case also guards the instruments against the stress of transporting them around.

Clarinets also have a mouthpiece that is equipped with a reed protector. It is frequently used by marching bands, orchestras, and jazz ensembles. It gives the listener and students a fantastic musical experience.


  • Prestini pads made in the USA
  • Keys in Nickel-Silver Bright Tone
  • Made of ebonite
  • Included: Cork grease, clarinet swab, protective plush-lined case, mouthpiece with reed protector
  • Bb Soprano, is the standard clarinet that is used in marching bands as well as jazz bands and orchestras.


  • It’s durable and is a great value
  • Playing is made easy by the comfort of the keys
  • It produces a bright tone that is awe-inspiring for studying


  • It’s costly
  • The reeds aren’t made of top-quality materials

Jean-Paul USA CL-300

Best Clarinet Brands

This model is among the most highly-rated and available beginner and intermediate clarinets. Particularly, it’s one of the top models of student clarinets where prices and quality are compared.

Although it might not be as durable as other brands, or the sound might be not that great, this clarinet is among the top-rated middle-ground clarinets. With top-quality features, low-cost price, and sturdy construction Jean-Paul USA CL is a great option for intermediate and beginner players.


  • Key of Bb Boehm 17-key system
  • Beautiful Ebonite Body Material
  • Keys are made of nickel to provide a clear and precise tone
  • Carrying case with a contoured design for speedy and convenient transport
  • Accessories include: Case for carrying, One Rico Reed 2.5, cleaning c10loth and cork grease


  • Durable: It is made of ebonite, and has a higher sound than plastic, despite not being as hard. Also, it requires less maintenance than wood.
  • The instrument is not expensive: It is made for a well-rounded clarinet player.
  • Tone: Provides a broad variety of tones as well as an impressive projection.
  • Standard: This clarinet is an ordinary Bb clarinet, and it offers the largest selection of music and is actually played in every school band.


  • Not so good duration of keys over time: Although it is significantly less costly than other best clarinet brands available, the Jean-Paul is disadvantaged because its keys are susceptible to bending or breaking in time.
  • Not recommended for children: In and of itself it’s not an issue, but considering the risk of keys breaking, or bending, or causing damage, it is advisable for older students.

Glory B Flat

Best Clarinet Brands

Produced by America and one of the best clarinet brands in the United States, this is an ordinary clarinet specifically designed for those who are just beginning their journey to master the instrument. Teachers frequently suggest them to their students. It has a perfect look, amazing sound, and is easy for kids to play.

It is attractive, thanks to its sturdy nickel-plated or lacquer keys, as well as a premium ABS/ebonite black body. It is also designed to play with B Flat clarinet and it has the trill keys inline, and the thumb rest has the adjustable form.

The clarinet kit comes with another barrel and the hardshell case, the reeds, cap, and mouthpiece. The care kit includes gloves, the cleaning cloth, reeds holders, as well as cork grease and the screwdriver.

Additionally, you will find 10 reeds of top quality to practice with, and 8 mouthpieces in black cushion pads.


  • Black ebonite/ABS high-quality body with robust nickel-plated or lacquered keys
  • The Key in Bb (B Flat) clarinet with trill inline keys that have an adjustable thumb rest
  • CLARINET Inlcudes: hard-shell case, Second Barrel, Mouthpiece, Cap, and Reeds
  • Care Kit Includes: Screwdriver, Cork Grease, Reeds Holder, Soft Cleaning Cloth, and an assortment of gloves
  • Bonus: 10pc High-Quality Reeds for Better Practice Mouthpiece Patches, Pads and Cushions black(8pc)


  • Sturdy
  • Astonishing fitting of all keys, pads, and other parts
  • Notes sound complete and solid
  • Excellent for beginners and suitable for semi-pro


  • The music is a little flat.

Eastar B Flat

Best Clarinet Brands

The instrument is made up of keys with nickel plating and a beautiful ABS Bakelite body. The Eastar has a beautiful appearance and a high-quality sound and is still affordable. It is among the top options for students who are trying to learn how to play the clarinet.

Students will realize they can play the Eastar without any difficulties because it is a simple-to-play, reliable and durable instrument with impressive features. With its Boehm 17 keys, the clarinet offers an easy playing experience and a good response for students of the band. By the way, Eastar B Flat is one of the best clarinet brands.


  • Easy to play – Eastar ECL-300 student clarinets are a breeze to use, suitable for intermediate and beginner clarinet enthusiasts to play. Includes two mouthpiece connections to facilitate adjusting and tuning.
  • Good sound – equipped with the Boehm 17-key system, this clarinet features fast key response as well as smooth playability and a broad variety of tones that provide a clear sound and full tone.
  • The beautiful appearance – The key-sets with nickel plating and the bakelite clarinet body show elegance and class, and feature an attractive bell mouth wrapped in the ring that is attractive and long-lasting.
  • High-quality ABS bakelite provides bright sound and steady vibration. The Italian double sheep casings that make bladder pads provide high elasticity, airtightness, and are long-lasting.
  • Includes everything you require – The mouthpieces are made of 4C with a ligature made of metal, caps for protection, 2 mouthpiece connectors and occlusion rim, thumb rests, swabs, and more for effortless playing.


  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Bright, warm, and clear sound
  • Durable keys


  • The mouthpiece is standard

Yamaha YCL-255

Best Clarinet Brands

Yamaha does not require anything in the way of an introduction if you’re talking about music instrument makers and, of course, is one of the best clarinet brands. They make some of the most exquisite instruments used by professionals around the world. They also create instruments for beginners. The YCL255 in B flat is one of these instruments.

It draws a lot of its design cues from the clarinets made by Yamaha but modifies them to make the instrument cheaper. This particular model is constructed of a thermoplastic polymer which is referred to as ABS.

It is a resin plastic with an ebony finish. It gives students the appearance of a wooden clarinet, but the durability and strength that comes with ABS.

The clarinet has rods and keys made of nickel with silver plating and are equipped with durable Valentino pads. It also includes an adjustable thumb rest.

Yamaha YCL-255 makes a great sound, with warm tones like what you get from wooden clarinets. It comes with a barrel of 65mm which creates a wonderful sound. Professional players will be able to discern the difference but this is designed for a beginner. Its sound can be used by a novice and up to an intermediate player. As the player progresses in their playing, this clarinet can be used to keep up with their progress.

This particular model is thought to be the top clarinet for students by many, however, Yamaha instruments aren’t affordable to purchase.

The model you are looking at is higher priced than other instruments for students. It’s a significant investment that’s worth it for a student who is likely to continue to play. Many clarinets are designed specifically for students, they will need to be replaced frequently to help the player grow, but this is not the case.

It includes a mouthpiece as well as a case. Yamaha is considered to be among the most renowned clarinet manufacturers, and this clarinet for students is just one of the reasons for this.


  • Based on professional Yamaha models
  • 65mm barrel for a centered tone
  • A movable thumb rest that can be adjusted with a strap Ring
  • Yamaha 4C mouthpiece
  • Cases can differ (semi-hard or hard)


  • Great build quality.
  • Fantastic sound and is easy to play for beginners to intermediate.


  • It’s too expensive for certain.

Jupiter JCL-700N

Best Clarinet Brands

Jupiter is another instrument-making company that is highly respected. They produce a wide range of instruments and also have excellent examples for students or entry-level options.

The clarinet has the ABS body. This could be considered to be a polymer made of plastic, but it does have certain advantages, particularly with the ability to last. It is also not affected by temperature fluctuations.

Some argue with a valid argument that the sound quality isn’t the same. It is, however, an instrument for students. At this stage it is possible to experience a small loss in sound quality isn’t a problem when it helps to make the instrument more durable.

It is equipped with some features you typically only see on expensive instruments. Its keys feature nickel silver and the instrument has an adjustable hand rest. The bore measures .58 inches and, when combined with a 65mm barrel, creates an incredibly rich, warm sound.

The bell is also constructed with a nickel silver edge on the bell. The high-end design and production are evident in the offset trill keys and sub-cut holes for tone. It is well-constructed and thus has a high-reliability degree.

Weighing 5 pounds, it could be a bit heavy for some younger players. The issue of fatigue can be a problem for some performers, particularly when the clarinet is hefty due to its playing position. It is a standard size of 14 inches long.

This is a great instrument for any student and will last throughout their early years as they grow. It comes with an excellent built case. A great clarinet for beginners costs more than some of its competition, but Jupiter is among the top clarinet brands.


  • .583 in. bore, trill keys offset; 65mm barrel; ABS nickel silver bell ring; specifically created C/G key risers with undercut tone holes; forged nickel-plated nickel silver keys with adjustable thumb rest; adjustavle neck strap; ABS-molded case
  • Constructed from beginner to intermediate clarinet
  • Its ABS-reinforced body on the JCL700N student clarinet makes it invulnerable to cracks. That means it is perfect for clarinet students at a young age who don’t want to stay until the exposure to humidity changes, which is a result of changing seasons and outdoor performance
  • It has a rich full sound and is mechanically stable, ensuring many years of service


  • Excellent build quality and wisely-chosen materials for students.
  • Great sound quality and is played comfortably even though it’s a bit heavy.


  • The price may put people off.

Selmer USA CL211

Best Clarinet Brands

Selmer was initially the name of a French company. It was founded in Paris around 1885. Their instruments for orchestras were considered to be of high quality. There are times when you can find the original instruments being played by top professional classical musicians of the most prestigious orchestras today.

They’ve lost some of their charm and French style since they were absorbed and owned by Steinway. And then, later on, in a flurry of failures, buyouts, and takeovers that reminded me of the mess that was around Fender guitars.

They still produce very effective instruments, and their name has a lot of weight. It reminds us about what they were than what they have become. One thing that seems to be surviving in its entirety is their improvers and student range. This clarinet is among them.

The clarinet features a Grenadilla wood body and silver-plated keys. Keys are displayed according to the classic French Boehm system. The bore is a bit smaller than that of many student clarinets. It includes steel springs as well as subcut tone holes. There’s a thumb rest that can be adjusted.

There are other features that this instrument has that come from the most popular models. This makes it more of a clarinet for intermediate players as opposed to a beginner instrument, according to us. Of course, with that, there is a drawback that it’ll require more care.

The body of the wooden instrument has to be looked after in a way that ABS or heavy-duty rubber pieces wouldn’t. One advantage is, naturally, the sound that is rich and warm. It includes a case as well as cleaning supplies, a mouthpiece, and a ligature.

When I was younger, it was the case that, if you were looking for the top clarinet brands, then Selmer was right on the list. It’s not the case anymore; however, it’s an impressive clarinet, and perhaps too much for an average player to manage. The price will make you think about it.


  • It is designed to give an inviting, well-controlled, focused sound. The CL211 is a medium-small bore clarinet that is ideal for musicians of different levels
  • The CL211’s tone holes are undercut to provide a more rounded sound for an elegant scale
  • Enjoy a richer sound by using the mouthpiece made of hard rubber
  • The clarinet is made from unfinished aged, grenadilla wood material, the clarinet stunning in its appearance and sound.
  • The CL211 is an excellent choice that won’t let players down who are searching to get that rich, clear sound.


  • Good build quality and construction with a wood body and excellent fittings.
  • A warm and rich sound.


  • Extremely costly for anything other than an intermediate player.

Yamaha YCL-650

Best Clarinet Brands

Another high-quality intermediate clarinet from the vast Yamaha range. This instrument is not designed for beginners, it is intended for musicians from intermediate to professional.

It is an exquisite clarinet that has a resonance that will amaze. The unique design of the bell creates the sound, and it produces an incredible sound that many clarinet players could only imagine. The large bore allows it to easily create the sound and the intonation excellent.

The clarinet features a Grenadilla wood body that was specifically selected due to its tone properties. The clarinet also features silver-plated keys and levers. The response that the keys provide is remarkable. As the keys are good-made, they will not flex or shrink and turn non-responsive.

This is a device that will last for a long time. Its construction quality and materials used to make it are guaranteed.

Of course, it’s going to require maintenance since a clarinet made of wood isn’t as durable as an ebonite one. But the sound produced by this clarinet creates an ideal choice in a non-decision scenario. It is manufactured in Japan with the help of Yamaha.

It sounds just as it should; even the most difficult notes are a breeze. For instance, playing the standard C note, and then blowing it in the same position is likely to produce a higher G. It is difficult on instruments that have bad design. This is not an issue with the 650.

It comes with a 4c mouthpiece manufactured by Yamaha and with an elegantly lined and fitted case as well as accessories to take care of it.

Normally, we want to finish an article with a definitive conclusion. In this instance, this is a very simple declaration. Yamaha means perfection. However, we must point out: that perfection doesn’t come cheap. Still, no doubt this is one of the best clarinets by one of the top clarinet manufacturers.


  • The Yamaha YCL650U is a high-quality model clarinet that introduces a unison tone with exact intonation
  • The YCL650U comes with the body of grenadilla wood with keywork that is silver-plated
  • The cylindrical bore design makes it extremely easy to blow; as well as both students and teacher will be able to enjoy the ease of the way this clarinet plays
  • The natural finish creates clarinets that look like it’s a treat to listen to! Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece, Case, and Yamaha care accessories are included
  • Professional clarinetists will find their inspiration through the tone as well as the responsiveness of the YCL650U Bb clarinets made by the Yamaha Band & Orchestral Division


  • An excellent instrument in all ways.
  • It can last for many years.


  • Quite expensive.

Buffet Crampon E11

Best Clarinet Brands

Buffet Crampon is a well-respected and well-known maker of instruments for orchestras. They produce a wide range of woodwind instruments but are best famous in the field of clarinets. This brand is being employed as a professional clarinet by musicians from a variety of the top orchestras in the world.

They were founded around 1825 in France and have their headquarters located in Mantes-La-Ville within the suburbs of Paris. Instruments were initially produced in France, however the growing demand has led to them opening new manufacturing factories in Germany and China.

The E11 is a student B flat clarinet with the best quality, following the highest standards. This particular instrument is produced in Germany and therefore adopted its design concepts by acquiring Schreiber company. It comes with a Grenadilla or, as it is often referred to, African Blackwood body.

It is used on a variety of the world’s most prestigious clarinets and is known for its tone quality. The sound is full and warm.

The levers and keys are silver-plated and include stainless steel springs. The quality of the innovation is outstanding and it’s made to be very easy to play. With the wood used for the construction, it is the most durable material. It comes with a non-adjustable thumb rest and has bladder pads for the 17 keys.

It’s a traditional style and most of it is done by hand. Clarinets have been made by hand as well as other woodwind instruments for more than 250 years – since the time of that Battle of Waterloo and the final defeat of Napoleon, to provide a timeline.

We believe they’ve got a clear concept of what they’re doing. The clarinet is an example of artistic and technical quality in its construction as well as its sound.

It’s, of course, a costly instrument for students, however, it’s more than just a tool for someone to master. It can last for a long time with a lot of advancement. It is, in many aspects, an investment in the future. It is packaged in a compact briefcase that is well-padded and designed to work with the instrument.

Simply put, it falls in the category of the most excellent student clarinets from one of the most renowned clarinet makers. From Buffet Crampon’s perspective, the clarinet isn’t the best, but it’s close.


  • Nickel-Plated Keys
  • Grenadilla Wood Model
  • Hard Shell Case
  • It includes a pencil, reed cleaning swab, and cork grease.


  • Good quality and high-end materials employed.
  • Wonderful warm. The sound is rich.


  • The price may appear hesitant.

What to Consider When Buying a Clarinet

Best Clarinet Brands


If you’re just beginning to learn, you have several alternatives. You can purchase a cheap instrument (under $100-$200) to play the clarinet to determine if you’d like to go on. It is possible to purchase another instrument in the future in case you decide to have something more sophisticated. If you’re certain that you or your child will play for several years, it’s probably worthwhile to invest an extra amount ($500-700) to buy an instrument that’s made well and lasts for a long time. They also typically are popular brands and have some advantages. If you buy something from a manufacturer that produces top clarinets, it indicates that you’re aware of what you’ll be getting and is of high quality. Additionally, the majority of repair technicians are more familiar with these kinds of clarinets than ones they’ve never heard of. So, if there is a problem, fixing the instrument will be easier and, most likely, less expensive.

Key/Kind of Clarinet

Professionals usually play several clarinets, such as the B-flat clarinet, a clarinet, E-flat clarinet as well as a bass clarinet. They are all frequently used in the repertoire of orchestras. However, an elementary clarinetist doesn’t have much use to play more than a basic B-flat clarinet. The Bass clarinet is used for most jazz and band repertoire and has an abundance of orchestral music than for beginners. Whatever your goals in life as a clarinetist are, purchasing a B-flat clarinet could be the best first step.


Professional clarinets are usually constructed from wood, mostly the dark, hardwood known as the grenadilla. Clarinets for students and intermediates typically comprise other less costly materials. They range from various plastic clarinets to rubber clarinets.

ABS resin

Certain clarinets on this listing are made of the polymer known as ABS resin. It is a light kind of plastic that is robust and perfect for use in student clarinets.


Ebonite is one of the types of extremely hard rubber developed to act as a substitute for ebony. It also functions quite well as a material to make the clarinet’s body.

The materials of keys of clarinets vary and a lot of them are nickel-plated or nickel. It does not affect the overall sound or performance of the clarinet. The sole consideration in this article is the durability of the keys – whether keys break or bend.

Reeds and Mouthpieces:

A crucial thing to take into consideration when shopping for a clarinet is that the instrument’s sound is not the only aspect to be considered in assessing the sound clarinets produce.

The most important thing is that you have a reed with the right hardness to play. The clarinets of beginners will usually have reeds that are suitable for the beginner. However, you need to make certain that the clarinets you purchase are suitable for the stage of the player.

Reeds last only for a limited time and you’ll need to be sure to purchase the correct one when they are required to replace. Certain plastic reeds are available for the reason that they are longer-lasting and can be used by novices using these clarinets.

Alongside the mouthpiece, which is the upper part of the clarinet, where the reed is placed – the latter is also crucial to the tone that the clarinet produces. While experienced players are more specific in what they require from the mouthpiece, it’s essential to be aware that it plays an important role in the general sound as well as performance that any instrument has.

When you purchase an entry-level clarinet, these components should be able to work together to provide you with the instrument you want that’s simple to play and creates excellent sound.


Selecting the best clarinet is dependent on what you’re willing to get from it.

For certain players, the quality of the clarinet is more important than the cost, whereas other players want value for the lifetime of their instrument.

Are you in search of plastic clarinet or a wooden one?

Are you looking for a clarinet that is suited to an aspiring player or is it for a professional with over twenty years of experience?

Is cost a major factor in determining the value of your product? Although these are among the top clarinet manufacturers available, it’s important to understand what you want to make sure you do your research and locate the best clarinet for your needs.

FAQ on Best clarinet brands

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