Saxophone for Kids

Saxophone for Kids

The alto saxophone has been an integral part of modern American culture for a long time. The gentle sound that emanates out of the bowl kept jazz musicians on streets in the Great Depression hoping that someone might drop a loaf of bread on their feet.

The music of the top alto saxophones reverberates throughout the years in jazz clubs and has influenced popular music, making the saxophone instrument one to be admired and revered across every genre.

The alto sax can be the most appropriate saxophone model to start with. The tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone are too big for most children and the soprano saxophone is regarded as the hardest of the four instruments to keep in tune. If you or your child are looking to an emerging musician career in the world of jazz music, you’ll have to learn about the top alto saxophones in reviews below.


Saxophone for Kids

A saxophone purchase for the first time isn’t simply an issue of going to the store and choosing an attractive one. There’s more to think about other than appearance. The art of playing an instrument isn’t easy. The process of learning to play a solo instrument you blow is typically more difficult.

As a child takes the first steps that must be difficult, the instrument has to be made as simple as it is for them. An instrument that is not good will not perform as it should. It’s likely to end in them abandoning the instrument before they’ve even started.

Yamaha has been producing high-quality instruments since 1967, and today makes some of the top instruments on the market. They also offer a fantastic assortment of starter instruments.

It’s light that’s exactly what students need, however the build quality has to be durable. For some beginner saxophones, the angles between the fingers and keys aren’t well-designed. This can cause painful hands and the end of the practice. The design must be easy and enjoyable to play with.

There aren’t any of those issues in this Alto. When Yamaha develops a student instruments, so the musical instrument is built with the beginner in mind.

Stylish design

Its neck receiver is durable and even should you tighten the screws too much it won’t be a problem. It comes with an adjustable thumb rest as well as an adapter for low B-C# and a high F# key. The pearl buttons that are added to the keys provide an elegant look.

It is manufactured in Indonesia in the Yamaha factory of brass, with gold lacquer, and weighs full-size at 13 pounds.

It’s a perfect instrument for students and comes from one of the top brands of saxophones. It is also the typical Yamaha quality in its design and construction. It’s not cheap, however, and some might think it is expensive for the beginner.


  • The usual level of quality in design and construction you’d been expecting from Yamaha.
  • The idea was to make it light and simple to play.


  • The cost could put certain people off.


Saxophone for Kids

Cecilio is a well-known manufacturer of instruments that makes a range of them suitable for beginner players. Mendini brand name is a reference to the instruments. The company is located in the US but the majority of the instruments, if not all of the items in the Mendini line, are produced in China. Then, they are shipped to America to be checked before distribution.

Great look!

It’s a beautiful saxophone that is made of yellow brass with gold lacquer and is intended to be helpful for young players who are beginning to learn. It is light at 10 pounds and comes with components designed by Cecilio to fit their instrument. It also has a huge bore that allows it to be a bit more comfortable to play. The pads are made of leather and the tone boosters are constructed from metal. The keys are beautifully shaped and come with synthetic mother-of-pearl buttons.

It features a high F-number key that is crucial and is backed by a one-year warranty. It is also a full-size model.

Complete the task

While we wouldn’t classify the sound quality as exceptional, it’s pretty good for a sax that is budget-friendly, and the big-bore can help the beginner to produce decent sound. The mechanism is quite solid and gives a decent uniform tone across the entire frequency range in the instrument.

It is packed with many great additional features. It comes with 2.5″ Reeds, along with a set of 10. Additionally, a cleaning cloth, pair of cleaning gloves and a neck strap, and a mouthpiece come in a gorgeous hard case.

Excellent for the price

For added value, it also includes a metronome as well as a stylized tuner. A decent starter instrument at an affordable price. When you asked whether Mendini is a reliable brand for Saxophones, here’s the answer. It’s a good instrument that is priced at a moderate level, but do not expect a professional instrument.


  • Nice looking saxophone.
  • The big bore makes it much easier for students to have good sound.


  • It’s a budget Sax, so don’t be expecting a sophisticated instrument.

Jean-Paul USA AS-400

Saxophone for Kids

Jean-Paul USA is, as you can guess, an American company that produces a variety of instruments. Among them are the ones that are suitable for beginner musicians. The AS-400 Saxophone is one of these models. The instrument is manufactured in China and is located in the Alto key of the E flat.

It is constructed from traditional brass in the color yellow. It is considered to be traditional since the majority of affordable or mid-range instruments are made of that material. It’s strong, durable, easy to handle, and has a beautiful look to it.

Looks the part

One of the things that young learners have in common is that they like to feel as if they’re playing the authentic thing. This instrument appears to be authentic and reassures the player the feeling that they are playing a genuine instrument like a saxophone.

It is a well-made instrument with a good position and an easy to play style, perfect for the beginner. The tone, despite not being the best, is good enough for the beginner musician and creates a consistent sound.

One of the advantages of this instrument is that it was specifically designed to be used by a beginner. This means that it is equipped with features that also permit it to be used by a skilled player. Thus, you won’t have to swap instruments for a newer model in a short time.

It’s also packed with some nice accessories…

A nickel-plated mouthpiece cap, for instance. It also comes with a mouthpiece neck strap and a ligature. Also, there is a spare Rico Reed, cork grease, gloves, cleansers, and swabs. All these things are contained inside a tough stylish canvas carrying case.

It’s light and weighs only 11 pounds, and is a top-quality student saxophone that can endure until the higher levels. It’s not the most affordable student saxophone available, yet it is of good quality.


  • Good quality and made of good materials.
  • A good sound, and is simple to play.


  • It can be expensive for a starter instrument.

Kaizer Alto

Saxophone for Kids

Kaizer is another instrument-making company offering a broad range of instruments. Similar to many other companies, they also have a special selection for those who are just beginning. They are produced in the US, but they are higher priced than similar models made in the United States. This is a saxophone that was designed to be used by students in the key of E flat.

It is certain to use high-quality components for its production. The body is made from yellow brass, which is typical, and is finished with antique gold lacquer. The keys are extremely sensitive and come with springs made of steel. They are also durable and also offer an easy, smooth and responsive operation.

Built to last

It is equipped with leatherette pads to provide superior control of notes and intonation. Leatherette pads are a crucial feature and serve to protect against corrosion. They are also extremely durable they guarantee an effective seal all time. A good seal will provide an exact note.

In the keys, you will find caps made of synthetic mother-of-pearl which adds a nice design to the instrument. This is a stylish instrument that is fitted with high-quality fittings and the materials used. Its shape is comfortable to hold, making it easy to play. It weighs just seven pounds, which means it’s light. The bore is large enough for a beginner to have an adequate sound.

What’s inside the box?

It is equipped with a lengthy array of extras. This includes a mouthpiece, fluid for lubrication, the ligature, cleaning cloth alongside cleaning gloves. Also a zipped sturdy fiber case is included.

In addition, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This does not cover normal wear and tear that occurs over the years of usage. The company will repair any damaged or broken part.

A nice backup

The decision to spend a significant amount of money on an instrument to an aspiring musician is always an investment. You cannot be certain they’ll stick to the instrument. The other thing is that it’s appropriate for use as a backup sax. If you are a pro and want an affordable instrument for home practice, this could be a good choice.

Although it’s not the most expensive student sax you can buy, it’s a great value instrument because it’s constructed well and is possibly a contender for the most popular alto saxophone for students.


  • Good quality and made of good materials.
  • It is simple to play with, light, and comfortable to hold.


  • A bit expensive in comparison to similar products.

Yamaha YAS-480

Saxophone for Kids

If you’re looking for the highest quality student saxophone, then you do not need to look in the future. The YAS-480 is probably the most effective alto saxophone for kids that can get and is manufactured in the hands of one of the most reputable brands of saxophones.

The saxophone is one of the finest instruments you can have for your first one. But it’s much beyond it. Players with experience for decades will be impressed by the level of the show.

Accurate intonation

The sax has a lot of features in its design that instruments with higher prices have. The body is made of yellow brass, and it is equipped with the well-known “62” Yamaha neck. The neck is famous for its high quality and exact intonation. The keys are made out of yellow brass and, to add more impact, they have buttons made of polyester. The bell keys have excellent responses and were made to be balanced.

This instrument stands out just because of how it appears. Yamaha is known for its timeless models that make a statement for this Alto as one of those models. The design is hand-engraved on the bell which helps to enhance the general look. The mouthpiece included is an AS-4C design and comes with a cap made of plastic.

So simple to get into

Yamaha has revamped certain features of this sax to make it more enjoyable to play. The left-hand seesaw key has been made more user-friendly and comfortable to play. The octave key system lets the user pick the neck that is the best position. There are separate keyguards with screw caps that can be adjusted.

Some of the improvements are present in their higher-end models. They’re now available on these saxophones, making them even more impressive. The sound is naturally excellent as it would be expected from any of the best producers.

This instrument may be designed for the experienced player, but, of course, anyone who is just starting will benefit from this high-quality instrument. The YAS-480 is a top-quality Saxophone, so it’s not just one of the top Yamaha Saxophones available in the market – it is also among the best Alto Saxophones available.


  • A well-made, attractive instrument.
  • Amazing Sax that sounds great.


  • It’s the price that can cause some to hesitate.

Selmer La Voix ll

Saxophone for Kids

Back in the 1960s, Selmer was a famous name in the world of music. Selmer produced a wide range of guitar amps which were excellent but didn’t get the attention they merited. When we visited the shop in London, we could be able to see other instruments they produced. The wind instruments, Brass shine with stunning designs. We can remember feeling overwhelmed by their beauty.

Established by the French in Paris around 1885, Selmer became a well-known name in the field of the manufacture of musical instruments. The valve amplifiers are long gone, but a few brass and woodwind still remain.

Very black

This sax may be better suited to the intermediate player rather than the beginner. But the novice player will benefit from an instrument like this as well. Selmer has tried to make something distinct from the usual.

The sax used the typical yellow brass but is now finished with the black nickel finish. This makes it stand out a bit. It makes a difference from the typical silver or gold-plated instruments. We agree with the notion that this can make you stand out from the group, but just a little. We’d prefer to believe your ability to play could do more than the color of your saxophone.

Warm, rich sound

It is well-constructed and has top quality and flexible key actions that produce an accurate intonation. The bell is traditional in size and produces a warm, rich tone. It gives a balanced sound, however, when it changes registers, it requires some control. This could make it ineffective for students who aren’t experienced. It’s designed using a high F-number key. The construction is very light at just 6 pounds.

It’s not the same quality as the Selmer Super 80, but it is very enjoyable and is loaded with positive sides. It’s manufactured in Taiwan and then shipped to the US for quality control. It comes with an imitation backpack case, mouthpiece, cap, and ligature. There is no neck strap or maintenance equipment provided and it’s somewhat light on accessories.

This is a high-quality instrument, but the cost for a student is quite significant. But, if you’re able to afford it, you’ll get one of the top Selmer Saxophones on the market.


  • Good quality and made of good materials.
  • Excellent tonal quality and sound.


  • We’re personally not certain regarding the black color. But, it is a completely personal preference.
  • It is very expensive for a starter instrument

Best Saxophone for Kids Buying Guide

Saxophone for Kids

Finding the Best Saxophone For Kids

The result is that it may come down to one issue. How much do you wish to spend, or what is the amount you can afford to pay?

The thing with this kind of device is, in most cases, that you get the value you are paying for. Thus, the price you pay is a massive difference between the bottom and top and even at the level of a student.

Who does it serve?

If you are someone who is a complete beginner, it could be a bad idea to spend excessively. Are they willing to stick with it? Can they play it? Even if they can play, they’ll not like it. It’s going to be a costly ride if any of these events happen.

Is it suitable meant for the absolute beginner? If yes, then as long as it’s accessible and you can play an instrument, the more or less affordable, the more efficient. The saxophone family features four main instrument sizes: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone. We’ve reviewed a few that don’t require an investment. However, be cautious. Some manufacturers are sloppy and copy instruments along with the more expensive ones.

Try a relaxed game that isn’t too heavy and does not think about initial looks. All of them look similar in the musical journey.

A different level of difficulty?

It is here that it can begin to bite. There is a child or student who knows the basics, plays it, and is a fan of it. But, you are aware that they require a more advanced instrument. You don’t wish to change the saxophones each year or so. It would be expensive for you. But still, a second instrument is required for them to go to the next level and the next one after that. It is not a choice – it’s a necessity. We have looked at a few which fall in this category. But it will be up to you.

What you need to think about

Materials used in manufacturing. Do not buy anything that is designed to look attractive. It’s the sound it comes off like that is important. The majority of them are made of brass. Brass in the yellow color is the most used at this point. Instruments with lacquer can shed their initial shine after a time. Be conscious.

You’ll need an instrument that has decent key action, with genuine leather pads. A high intonation is a top priority as well. Some additional features are a nice touch. A majority of companies provide them, and others do not. However, a good hard case is essential. This is an investment and should be secured.

One last point. We don’t believe it’s a brilliant idea to purchase second-hand instruments unless you know the person extremely well. When you buy a new one, you can purchase a brand new piece of equipment with a manufacturer’s warranty if there is a problem.


Are you still looking for the alto saxophone? Naturally, you’d like an alto saxophone. How else can you perform in jazz clubs and become legendary in the world of music?

I hope this guide will be helpful enough to set you on the correct way to purchase the perfect beginner saxophone that meets your requirements, desires, and needs. You can also ask for help from your local music teacher or music school.

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