The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews



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The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews


  • Stunning blue color
  • Starter kit that includes a sturdy stand and case
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting ABS resin construction


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The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews

Jean-Paul USA CL-300

  • Durable: It is made of ebonite, and has a higher sound than plastic, despite not being as hard. Also, it requires less maintenance than wood.
  • The instrument is not expensive: It is made for a well-rounded clarinet player.
  • Tone: Provides a broad variety of tones as well as an impressive projection.


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The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews

Jean Paul USA CL-400

  • Key of BB with a Boehm 17 key system
  • Abs body resin construction with a matte finish to simulate the ACTUAL grain of the wood
  • Silver-plated keys for a softer and warmer sound
  • Professional Jean Paul cpc-200 carrying case for an extra level of quality and protection

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews The best professional clarinet on the market will depend on what you’re searching for. For professionals who play clarinets, the price isn’t the only factor of consideration when picking the clarinet. The design and construction of the material and the quality it provides are what matter. The next step is to take a look at our top picks list of clarinets. We will also look at the guidelines for purchasing a new instrument! Let’s go!

Yamaha YCL-255

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews Yamaha, the brand king of musical instruments, has released this high-end best clarinet that produces an unbeatable warmth and pulsating rich sound. The sound quality and the excellent intonation that this clarinet produces make Yamaha the most reliable and sought-after brand around the globe. If you’re not aware, this YCL-255 (not to be confused by the intermediate one) comes with the matte ABS body. You may think it’s a wooden clarinet, due to its outstanding quality of sound and the fabulous intonation that it creates. The YCL-255 has silver plated keys that effectively remove the problem of corrosion and clogs. The barrel measures 65mm with an adjustable thumb rest and strap ring that lets the professional player ensure stability and balance, and optimal hand placement which enhances the performance. The new design of the thumb rest lets players of diverse hand sizes get the experience of playing this fantastic instrument and develop their skills even more. While players can improve their skills and techniques, the strap ring allows players to keep the professional instrument securely without putting in a lot of effort. Yamaha the YCL255 is also equipped with silver plated keys and silver soldered rings and stronger screws, which give this latest design exceptional durability. The bell design of the instrument has an ABS resin structure, which allows it to be light while also generating a good response. The instrument has an enveloping rich sound with high resonance, similar to the clarinet made of wood. Features:

  • Modeled on professional Yamaha models
  • 65mm barrel for a centered consistent tone
  • A movable thumb rest that can be adjusted with a strap and ring
  • Yamaha 4C mouthpiece
  • Cases can differ (Semi-hard or hard)


  • This clarinet produces top-quality audio and it is also a highly rated plastic clarinet suitable for beginner or intermediate level players.
  • It is a more durable ABS resin body, with a matte finish. You have the strength of plastic, but with the aesthetic appeal of a more wood-like appearance.
  • It’s modeled after professional-level clarinet Yamaha models. At around $700, it’s a great value for serious students.


  • This Yamaha YCL-255 clarinet is more expensive than a lot of beginner models and therefore may not be within your budget.
  • Plastic clarinets still make an aural difference when compared with clarinets made of wood. A more experienced player will distinguish them from one another.


The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews You or your child are just beginning to learn and are worried about investing a significant amount of money, this is the most cost-effective clarinet. Under $100, this tiny treasure has a top-quality ABS plastic body and nickel-plated keys that have an adjustable thumb rest. If you’re trying to get back into music, or perhaps your novice would like to experiment with something different, it’s a good alternative. For a low cost, you can purchase an excellent clarinet instrument for beginners. If you’re an intermediate or are part of a group, then this might not be the right instrument for you. Features:

  • Complete Instrument Kit: includes a case, a mouthpiece, a box of 10 Reeds (2.5″) as well as a cleaning cloth, cork grease, a pocketbook, gloves, and stands. Everything you require to start!
  • Perfect for beginners and hobbyists: This B Flat clarinet kit is lightweight, flexible, and simple to carry. This is a good option for anyone who wants to play woodwind instruments or wind instruments.
  • Elegant Design: Modern and smooth, the clarinet we offer for students is constructed of a premium plastic casting, topped by durable silver plated keys made of nickel, which catch the eyes of clarinet lovers all over the world.
  • Quality: Every single one of the Mendini from Cecilio clarinets has been inspected by the technicians in the distribution center to ensure that all their band instruments are top quality.
  • Music for Youth: Do have any young aspiring professional musicians? These beginner clarinets make the perfect present to ignite a passion for music for a lifetime.


  • It comes with a comprehensive start-up kit, including a light hand-held case, a bag of 10 reeds and grease, a cleaning cloth, gloves, and an accessory stand.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty against the manufacturer’s faults which is a good option considering it’s a less expensive model.
  • It makes an impact. The finish is stunning shiny sky blue that is certain to be noticed from the crowd of clarinets made of wood and black that which you normally encounter.


  • There have been plenty of complaints about the quality of sound. If you’re playing by yourself, perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue. If you’re in a group, and you need to be in tune with the other instruments, this could be the problem.
  • Perhaps because of its price point, durability can be a concern. It’s probably not the best long-term decision. As it’s very cheap, you’ll probably need to replace it in the course of some time.

Jean-Paul USA CL-300

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews Jean-Paul is one of the best clarinets and widely thought of as one of the top brand names for students available. With a reasonable price level, it is constructed of ebonite, which provides a more powerful sound than plastic, but it is sturdier than wooden clarinets. The Jean-Paul CL-300 features a Boehm 17-key system and is located in the key of Bb, which makes it extremely versatile. The Jean-Paul America CL-300 is an excellent option for a beginner that isn’t old but might not be ready for an intermediate clarinet or a wooden one. It’s an excellent “middle of the road” clarinet that’s cheap but produces better sound than a model made of plastic that is with the same price. Features:

  • Key of Bb Boehm 17-key system
  • Beautiful Ebonite Body Material
  • Nickel-plated keys to provide an immediate, clear, and consistent tone
  • A robust, contoured carrying case that is designed for simple transportation
  • Accessories include: Case for carrying, One Rico Reed 2.5, Cleansing Cloth, and cork grease


  • It’s a popular brand and is available in a majority of music stores, making it a good option for students who want to be well-rounded.
  • It’s sturdy and produces high-quality audio, making it ideal for marching bands or similar environments.
  • It’s the Bb standard (B flat) and will work with the range of any high school band.


  • It is susceptible to the nickel keys breaking, so it’s not ideal for children.

Jupiter JCL-700N

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews The Jupiter JCL700N student clarinet is constructed from the ABS body which makes it extremely tough and resistant to cracking, so a change in temperature is not something to worry about. It features a matte finish that gives it an elegant look and sturdy nickel keys that have an adjustable hand rest that is standard on higher-end models. This is a great idea for students in the high school marching band or any younger students who are more likely to abandon the band. It is the Jupiter JCL700N that is the ideal choice for a serious student. Under $800, you will get an outstanding balance of quality and cost. It’s built to last and is mechanically stable, and will give you many years of usage from it before you’re forced to consider replacing it. The JCL700N could be the ideal clarinet for students in high school. Features:

  • 583 in. bore; Trill keys Offset; 65mm barrel; ABS Resin Matte finish; Nickel silver bell ring; Designed C/G key risers with cut tone holes; Forged nickel-plated silver keys with adjustable thumb rests; Adjustable neck strap; ABS-molded case
  • Clarinet constructed specifically for levels from beginner to intermediate
  • Its ABS-reinforced body on the JCL700N student clarinet makes it resistant to cracks. Therefore, it’s a good variant for clarinet students at a young age who don’t want to stay in tune after exposure to the change in humidity which is a result of changing seasons and outdoor performance
  • The nickel keys and the thumb rest can be adjusted and features that you can find on clarinets with higher prices
  • It creates a deep full sound and is mechanically stable, ensuring long-term use


  • This model offers high-quality, full-bodied tone holes that provide the highest quality sound, paired with the durability of plastic.
  • Its matte surface and the adjustable neck strap provide the instrument with the most comfortable and professional feeling when playing.


  • It’s a more costly model, but keep in mind that it’s a clarinet made of plastic instead of a wooden one.
  • There weren’t any customer reviews as numerous for this model, but it did receive quite a favorable feedback.
  • Since it’s an instrument made of plastic, however, it might not have the same tone as a clarinet made of wood.

Selmer USA CL211

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews Made in the USA, Selmer CL211 professional level clarinet comes with the body of a grenadilla and silver-plated keys that are part of the Boehm (French) key system, as well as smaller bores, undercut tone holes, and blue steel springs, with an adjustable thumb rest. The inside design of this Selmer CL211 clarinet is similar to many handmade professional clarinets. With precisely placed taper and straight sections, this model produces a steady, smooth sound. The CL211 could be the ideal clarinet choice for the serious player. Although the Selmer CL211 might not be the ideal instrument for an aspiring musician, however, it is an excellent choice for an advanced student who is looking to purchase of a high-quality instrument. The high school band student who intends to play for many years will be able to rest easy with this clarinet right at their disposal. Features:

  • Created to provide an enveloping, well-controlled, and focused sound, the CL211 is an ideal medium-small bore clarinet for musicians of different abilities
  • The CL211’s undercut tone holes are cut and create a more natural sound when used with an elegant scale
  • Enjoy a richer sound by using the mouthpiece made of hard rubber
  • The clarinet is made from untreated aged grenadilla and acacia wood material, which makes it sound gorgeous in appearance and tone
  • The CL211 is a top option that will not let players down who are searching for that cozy, clear sound.


  • This model is high-end and has several impressive details, providing the user with an instrument that will please the listeners’ ears.
  • Since made of wood, the model of this caliber is a great investment, you won’t be concerned about damages or replacements for a long time to be.


  • If you’re a student or beginner who does not have any previous experience, this machine could be too large for a commitment at first.
  • It’s a bit expensive when compared to other models, but it’s worth the cost for its performance.
  • If it is a wooden clarinet, it requires more frequent maintenance and cleaning than a clarinet made of plastic.

Buyer’s Guide

The best clarinet can be a thrilling and enjoyable instrument to play. However, like many instruments, it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. There is a variety of clarinets available, this buyer’s guide will focus on two that are the most popular: bass and soprano clarinets. Clarinets play an important role in bands, orchestras, chamber ensembles, and for solo use. The best clarinet to a person’s needs typically requires testing a variety of options. When it comes to choosing a clarinet, particularly those that are over the beginner stage, the final choice usually depends on the individual preferences in terms of the tone and player feeling. This buyer’s guide can assist you in the best direction when you are looking to buy the right clarinet for your specific needs.

Clarinet Types

B-flat Soprano

The B-flat clarinet is a popular choice for solo performance, in bands, orchestras, small ensembles, and even in jazz as the most frequently used clarinet. The majority of students begin with this instrument, and the methods they learn apply to all types of clarinet.


The bass clarinet is the final instrument in the lower register of ensembles. It makes its place in orchestras, bands, or even in jazz orchestras. It is bigger than the clarinet for sopranos. The bass clarinet features curves around the neck and a bell that is almost touching the floor when playing in a sitting place. The bass clarinet can be played by placing it on the ground using a peg that can be adjusted.

Clarinet Levels


Clarinets designed for children concentrate on reliability, affordability, and comfort playing. They’re typically built with the body of plastic since plastic needs less maintenance from beginner players.


Intermediate clarinets can offer improvements over student clarinets, including a wooden body, while still being at affordable prices. If you’re the one who is looking for a long-term investment, stay clear of the intermediate category completely and instead buy a professional clarinet.


They are among the finest instruments of all ranges. These models come with all the features that are standard for top-quality performance, like a solid wooden body with a great tone. Professional bass clarinets feature low C-keys, which are preferred in higher levels of performance that can extend the lower frequency range that the clarinet can play. Production at this level focuses on optimum sound, responsive to precise tuning and fast key movement. Clarinets that are well-maintained by reputable makers can last for decades, or even be passed through the generations.


Body Material

Soprano and bass clarinets may be made from various materials, based on the requirements of instrumentation, the preference of the musicians, and clarinet use.


Most often reserved for instruments for students. Clarinets made of plastic are inexpensive and long-lasting for beginners. They require less care than wood, players aren’t worried about their instrument breaking from extreme weather conditions. Clarinets made of plastic are also widely used for outdoor music activities, like marching bands.


Grenadilla or similar wood that produces a dark, appealing sound, is an industry standard for beginner instruments. Clarinets made of wood require special attention because their wood body expands or shrinks in response to changes in humidity and temperature. If they are not treated properly, the body can be damaged, causing the instrument to break.


Made from a mixture of polycarbonate, grenadilla, and epoxy resin, Greenline clarinets are relatively recent. They are available on a few professional instruments. The density of the material is similar to hardwood, but without the same susceptibility to weather conditions compared with the wooden counterparts. For musicians whose instruments could frequently be exposed to extreme weather conditions greenline clarinets could be an ideal choice.



Clarinets are available in stock, however, many musicians can modify their mouthpieces. Solo, ensemble, or classical performance influences the choice of mouthpiece. The majority of players use various mouthpieces to suit different musical styles. The cut and shape of the mouthpiece affect the tone of the clarinet. Different shapes, such as a square or square chamber side of the mouthpiece, or the size of space between the mouthpiece’s reed and the mouthpiece, can produce various tones and responses.


A ligature holds the reed into place on the mouthpiece. Ligatures come in various styles, including single, inverted or double screws, and are available in numerous materials, such as leather, or metals. The manufacturers offer their mouthpieces in the majority of instances, but players typically pick ligatures based on their individual preferences. The quality of the material and the tightness of the ligature to the mouthpiece will affect how the reed squeaks against the mouthpiece. This contributes to the clarinet’s tone.


They are specifically shaped pieces of wood that connect to the smooth face of the mouthpiece by using the tie. As a performer blows on an instrument, air moves through the tiny gap that exists between the reed as well as the mouthpiece. The reed’s vibration is reflected off the mouthpiece, generating the clarinet sound. Clarinet Reeds are available in a variety of types and brands to provide more or less resistance, and diverse sound quality, depending on individual preferences. Reeds are consumable and must be bought frequently. Clarinetists need at least three reeds at hand, if not more.


The cost of instruments varies depending on the type, brand, and skill level. In general, the price will reflect the quality of the clarinet. Be cautious of instruments that are significantly lower in price than similar instruments because cheap clarinets could cause costly repairs and poor tone quality, or tuning, as well as the requirement for a quick replacement. Make sure you choose reputable clarinet makers or consult with reputable teachers and experts who can ensure you a reliable long-term investment.

So, What Are The Best Clarinet Brands?

The Best Professional Clarinets Reviews We’re breaking with the norm here. Two brands are distinct, and naturally, they do stand out of the offered range. One, we believe, is superior in the student market, while another could have the advantage over the pros. We have to admit that we’ve received a third-party’s opinion here. We happen to know a professional clarinetist and we asked her about the brand she used to play. Then we inquired why she didn’t go with the other major brand, and she explained it to us as well. In addition to her orchestra obligations, she earns a living by giving clarinet lessons. We inquired about what she would recommend to students. She pointed exactly at the instrument that we were looking at as the best. Our deliberations were validated by a professional. We have selected two brands one for students and one for professionals. For students, we believe that the most popular name is Yamaha.


Both Buffet Crampon and Yamaha are unbeatable music industry giants. They consistently produce the top instruments in both quality and aesthetics. The most important thing to focus on when buying your clarinet is what your specific needs are. If you know that you plan on continuing with your passion, it is worth it to invest in a clarinet that can stay with you throughout your training. The cost of a high-quality clarinet, which is important if you’re moving to a professional instrument, might seem daunting. But, with any of these choices you are sure to have a clarinet that is superior in tone and will match your professional needs.

FAQ on The Best Clarinet

What clarinets do professionals use?

There are two types of clarinets:

– The soprano clarinet, has a range from C4 to A6 and sounds an octave higher than the concert (or “straight”) clarinet.

– The alto clarinet, has a range from E4 to D7 and sounds an octave lower than the concert (or “straight”) clarinet.

The most popular professional models are the Selmer Soloist, Yamaha YCL-235M, Buffet E11, and Leblanc Clarinets

How much does a decent clarinet cost?

There are many different types of clarinets for sale, and it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. There are many factors that need to be considered before making a purchase, such as the cost of the instrument, what type of music you want to play, and whether or not you are looking for a beginner or professional instrument.

The cost of a decent clarinet ranges from $500-$1,000. The cost is dependent on the quality and brand of the clarinet. For example, Yamaha offers high-quality instruments at an affordable price range while Selmer offers better quality instruments but at a higher price range.


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