What I’ve Learned

There’s a LOT more to learn.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Still working on that one!

Some things that have happened defy explanation. For no viable reason, circumstances just went that way.

Don’t expect people to act the way you act, or the way you think they should act.

Try to make sure your mind is in gear before you let out the clutch on your mouth (or send that email).

Some musical performance that felt great going down don’t sound so great on the playback.

Some musical performance that felt terrible going down sound mighty good on the playback.

Everybody and every experience has redeeming qualities. It really makes sense to focus on this rather than what may have been annoying or uncomfortable.

It’s far more interesting to hear about what other people think than to hear yourself talk about what you think.

Routines are great. Nothing like doing something every day to see progress. But routines should remain flexible and subject to adjustment, as everything will eventually change, and new routines will then be called for.

If I listen real hard to the people I’m playing with, I can actually play with them.

If I listen real hard to the people I’m talking with, I can actually engage in inspired conversation.

Many people that fly on airplanes have lousy airplane manners. They hog the arm rest, spread their shit all over the plane, frequently into your area, and stink up the plane with farts that smell like something crawled up their ass and died. (Have to go back and work on number 4 and number 8).

You eventually run out of pertinent things to talk about in blogs.

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