What a schedule!

I’m just finishing up a week of traveling and playing that depicts how intense the life of a working/teaching musician can be. On Sunday February. 6th the Yellowjackets  finished a 6 night run at the Bluenote in NYC. The band sounded great with Will Kennedy back on board. Monday morning I flew back to Los Angeles on a 6 AM flight and went directly to USC where a full teaching day awaited. Tuesday morning I boarded a 6 AM flight for Casper, Wyoming where the Yellowjackets did an afternoon masterclass and evening concert. On Wednesday morning  I boarded a 6 AM flight back to L.A. and directly to USC for another full teaching day. Thursday morning (you guessed it) I took a 6 AM flight to Michigan to do a 2-day residency at Central Michigan University. Now it is Saturday morning, and I am flying back home to Los Angeles. Remarkably I don’t feel tired.  Thanks to a healthy life-style which includes daily exercise, a good diet, mental and spiritual care, and a job that I truly love, this is possible.

To get to play and share music with folks all over the world is one of the most energizing activities I know of.

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