Please excuse me while I vent. I just can’t keep it in any more,

And since this is my website, I feel like I can let fly for a minute.

Has the whole country gone crazy?  How the hell does someone like Donald Trump get on an international news program and insult the president of the United States??  Who lets him on these news programs?  Has the whole country turned into one big reality television show?

Who the fuck is Donald Trump?  And what’s up with that ridiculous hairdo?  Is he trying to hide his pea-brain under all those layers of folded over hair?

Donald Trump inherited a real estate business from his father. He started out with lots of money. But like most real estate magnates in the U.S., he’s used other people’s money to fund his real estate ventures. If the venture went bust, like most of his Atlantic City holdings, he walked, no muss, no fuss, and the banks ate the losses. How did he and all the other real estate people get away with this shit?  De-regulation of banking and real estate laws, supported by none other than the political party he belongs to. Remember that Donald Trump puts his name on real estate ventures that are funded by other people’s hard earned money. This is the American way?

Donald Trump is on his third wife. He marries one blond bombshell after another, and trades them in for a younger one after a while, very much like his real estate ventures. Where does this asshole get off questioning the validity of Obama’s citizenship and college training??  Unbelievable!  I’m ashamed that something like this can happen in the U.S. Freedom of speech is one thing. Slander and idiocy are something altogether different.

Donald Trump undoubtedly makes far more money doing his reality T.V. show than he does in real estate. He pretends to be a boss of a fantasy corporation on his  show, hiring and firing people. He is a boorish, self-involved, loudmouth. How does someone with these questionable attributes  get as far as even being considered for the job of president of the United States? Lets thank reality T.V.and the media for this.

Trump is not the only one in this category. Several other perspective republican candidates for government positions are using the Fox news reality show format to further their political agendas, spreading a message of slander and misinformation directed towards their opponents. I blame the media as much as the politicians for this embarrassing behavior. Monica Lewinsky blows the president and gets her own radio show. Elliot Spitzer, governor of New York State, gets caught with hookers and winds up as a CNN reporter,!! Newt Gingrich leaves his wife while she is in the hospital with terminal cancer, and becomes a major spokesman for one of the countries major political parties.!!! Say what? You gotta be fucking kidding me! (In the words of my former employer, Buddy Rich) If a musician played with this level of integrity he would never get out of the practice room. Nobody would hire them.

Of course the republicans want to do away with funding to public radio and television. This is perhaps the only American-grown source of reliable and truthful news reporting we have. Compare this to Fox news , which relies on partisan smear tactics to further a political agenda and C.N.N, which at times seems more like a Broadway show than a purveyor of the news. The right wing in this country will say that NPR has a liberal bias, whatever the hell that is. What I hear on NPR is a balanced and in depth accounting of what is actually happening in the world, based on documented research presented by qualified experts from all sides of the political arena without all the partisan finger pointing and ulterior motives found elsewhere. And by the way, NPR hosts 95 percent of jazz radio in the U.S.

And while we’re at it, why is it that the Republican congress is so hell bent on lowering the deficit now???  Where were they during the last 40 years of lowering taxes  starting with Reganomics? The trickle down never did trickle down, and it never will. Why doesn’t anyone in the Republican Party talk about how deregulation and small government set the stage for the financial meltdown, which is another major contributor to the current deficit? And Fox news wants to see Obama’s diploma and birth certificate. Say what???  Is this a Rod Serling episode of the Twilight Zone?

We forget that we were all immigrants or children and grand children of immigrants to the U.S. at some point during our relatively short history. The original inhabitants of what is now America were the Native American Indians, who we conveniently moved aside. Is it very different today?  I often wonder about separation of Church and State, land of the free. Liberty and justice for ALL. Are we sure we are living by these credos?

Maybe we should check the constitution again a bit more carefully.

I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.  I feel this all had to be said, though.

Keep the faith, Bob.

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