January 20th 2017

I will not be watching the inaugeration of Donald Trump as president of the United States on January 20th. I am appalled that he will be the leader of this country. Donald Trump is a sociopath who has spent his life conning the system and boasting about how clever he is.He stands for everything I am against. He is not trustworthy, is self centered, self seeking, untruthful, mean spirited, not the least bit self reflective, a braggart, and an asshole. Why anyone would want anything to do with this creature is totally beyond me.  He calls the current government crooked and rigged, which is interesting, coming from one who is crooked to the core, and thrives on circumventing all the rules pertaining to the common good, making his own self serving rules, rigging his sphere of existance solely for his own benefit.

Donald Trump has collected a group of extremist billionaires and crackpots for his cabinet with a myriad of conflicts of interest and agendas that will hardly serve the people. We will have an ultra conservative agenda shoved down our throats, and education, health and welfare, the arts, and equal rights will take a back seat to tax cuts for the wealthiest and Trumps cozying up to extremist world leaders that can further his business dealings and feed his fragile ego. He will circumvent any and all rules pertaining to conflicts of interest. His family will be involved in governing our country, and will reap the financial benefits of this unscrupulous behavior. Congress is now trying to shove the approvals of the cabinet members through before anyone sees what these folks are really about.

Those who voted for him either don’t seem to care, or don’t understand the con job that is in progress. The Republican party in large part has their heads up Trump’s ass, and is collectively riding his election to implement their half baked agendas. Healthcare will be dismantled and replaced by nobody knows what. Environmental issues will be in the hands of climate change deniers. Wall street and finance policy will be determined by wall street insiders.

The new secretary of state has had major business dealings with Russia and many other countries as CEO of Exon Mobil. I don’t see how any of this will make America great again. It will make the Trump family and his billionaire club very wealthy and powerful. Deregulation is upon us like we’ve never seen before, and the rich are gonna get richer.

Transparency in governance will become a thing of the past. We are already in a reality tv show mode as far as monitoring what this new government is up to. Trump’s representatives don’t give a straight answer on anything pertaining to his erratic behavior.

What to do: Speak up, show up, and call this fiasco for what it is. A con job.

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