Donald Trump Again??!

Donald Trump, again with the Obama not a US citizen routine??  Who let this guy out of his cage?  And Mitt Romney joining with Trump in the Obama bashing. Wow!

We ARE living in a reality tv show.

Firstly, who gives a flying f**k whether Obama is legally a US citizen or not. The fact is that he came up and trained in the US system, and is a hard working, intelligent, and empathetic human being and president.  I don’t have a college degree, and have been on faculty at several major universities over the last 30 years. You could focus on my not having a degree, or you could look at my professional track record as a working creative musician. Thanks to the level of freedom and opportunity we have in the US I was able to work very hard to better myself as a musician, educator, and human being to the point where my merits are acknowledged without pinpointing and harping on a technicality.

If Obama were to stoop to Trumps level, he might respond with a question for Trump. That question would be: how can Trump squander tax payer funds through having FDIC insured banks fund his real estate deals that go bust. How can Trump continue to live in his lavish lifestyle by scamming the unregulated real estate system and being a fictiious boss on a reality tv show?  And should Trump’s shenanigans and Romney’s  leading a corporate takeover company be the models for success in  our society?

Lets be honest. Trump and Romney and their cohorts want to keep government small, regulation non-existant, and taxes low so they can continue to run their games and keep the wealth in the family. It’s not about jobs or doing the right thing for society at large. It’s about the directing of WEALTH, GREED, DECEIT, and  ironically, a way of  life that is anti-Christian, and un-American.

How do they get away with this? The American people are not paying attention.

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