Common Sense

After some 58 and 1/2 years of life in this cosmos the concept of common sense is finally kicking in. I believe we arrive at this place via living our lives, making lots of mistakes, discovering new approaches, and try to do what’s best for human kind. So I thought I would share a few common sense thoughts with you. Please feel free to add to the conversation!

Take care of yourself: Develop a 20-30 minute exercise regimen that you do every morning no matter what. Combine stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, and any motions that get to all the muscle groups. Get your heart pumping! Run in place as part of the routine. If the body is working well the mind works well. Staying fit is the least we can do for ourselves and the people around us.

Eat the right foods!  Fruit, plain yoghurt and a sprinkling of granola make a slamin breakfast. I drink green tea instead of coffee. There is plenty of vitamin C in green tea. Have a salad with avocado, walnuts, mushrooms, and a small amount of a good blue cheese for lunch. (or find the ingredients that turn you on).  For dinner have meat or fish and vegetables. Chill on the pasta and bread! If you eat this way and exercise you can have a dessert every now and then.

Take some quiet time. Some people meditate, some pray. Whatever you want to call it, try to connect with a power greater than yourself (you didn’t create the world so it would stand to reason that some other power or entity outside yourself  had a part in this endeavor). Be thankful for another day on the planet.  Make a gratitude list. Pray for people in your life who may be facing challenges. Put positive energy out there during your quiet time.

Be considerate of others: Put the people in your life first. Think of them often. Be grateful for the friends and family you have. Reach out to these people even if you don’t feel like it.  Be courteous, kind, compassionate, and cognizant of other people’s space. Perform an act of kindness every day.  Don’t cheat on your wife, unless you don’t want to have a wife. Be honest and forthright with people, but consider what you say to them as to not cause unnecessary hurt feelings.

Follow your passion and develop other interests: Find the thing that most interests you in life and hammer away at it until you can’t help but be noticed. I believe everyone has the innate ability to achieve this.  Music found me, and then I pursued music with a vengeance. I also love to read about current events, history, and how great people followed their particular paths. I love to hike in beautiful places, cook and eat interesting foods, and write about life experiences. Our son Paul is passionate about fashion and clothing. He found a stylist in L.A. by chance, asked to be an intern, and after displaying an intense passion for the work at hand, was hired to be an assistant.

Do the research: Keep your research very broad when exploring current events, medical and health issues, religious and philosophical implications. There is a big world out there, and many interesting people have found compelling ways to deal with life. Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Do your own research! Be sure to check the motives of the researcher carefully. I used to get chronic sinus infections. An AMA doctor wanted to do surgery (bad idea). I went to a Chinese medicine doctor who gave me a garlic spray that got rid of the sinus infections.

I wish I had arrived at these revelations earlier in life. It would have saved me a lot of hardship and unnecessary toil. But like it is sometimes said, you are ready when you are ready.

Keep the faith, Bob.

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