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Well, we’ve made it through another year. Grateful to still be here on the planet, reasonably healthy, productive, and engaged.  The spirituality of musical activity is a powerful antioxidant, giving one a level of activity that is boundless, both from the perspective of listener/student and player/composer. Music joins the people of the world together and enriches […]

Bob and Russ’ Excellent Adventure

Bob and Russ’ Excellent Adventure Sometimes musicians do crazy shit that defies explanation in the name of playing music, and in the process. experiencing new places and situations.  Russell Ferrante and I had such an experience on December 2nd 2011.  We traveled a total of 72 hours round trip to play a 75 minute concert […]

Kaunas, Lithuania

    Writing from Kaunas, Lithuania, the first former Soviet to declare independence from Russia, most recently in 1990, where I spent 5 days with the Kaunas Big Band. Unlike the usual routine of doing one-nighters, this time I was able to get a good look at this wonderful country, and get to know several […]


I will never forget September 11th 2001 and the effect that day would have on life as we know it. I was living in New York in a small town called Hastings on Hudson  just up the Hudson River from NYC. On that particular morning I was on east 20th street and 3rd avenue at a […]

Bob’s Excellent Lunch-time Salad

I am constantly on a quest to find things that are healthy and incredibly gratifying to eat. As the result of my many trips to Italy I’ve come away with an appreciation of a dining experience where the food is really great and you wind up being incredibly thankful for the experience. Here, then, is […]

Bobby McFerrin

This summer the Yellowjackets had the great pleasure to do some concertizing with Bobby McFerrin as an honorary Yellowjacket. Bobby’s tremendous artistry and big heart were incredibly inspiring to us all.  We played concerts in New York, Los Angeles, and two dates in Oregon.  Hopefully there will be more opportunities for this collaboration in the […]

Tribute to Pete Yellin

About a month ago my good friend and colleague Pete Yellin had a major stroke. He found himself paralyzed on one side and unable to speak.  I can only imagine what this must feel like to someone who was accustomed to playing all the time and leading an extremely active life. Pete is currently in […]

Words of Wisdom

  There are little tidbits of information that wise people sometimes lay on you in passing that wind up having a profound effect on the way you think about things. Here are a few of those ideas that were passed on to me. Maybe you can use them.   Jerry Chamberlain, trombonist and philosopher, was […]

Common Sense

After some 58 and 1/2 years of life in this cosmos the concept of common sense is finally kicking in. I believe we arrive at this place via living our lives, making lots of mistakes, discovering new approaches, and try to do what’s best for human kind. So I thought I would share a few […]

The deletion of 30 Grammy Categories

This year the NARAS organization has deleted 30 categories of Grammy awards in the name of streamlining and downsizing the Grammy process.The end result is the dumbing down of music as an art form, and the emphasis on music as a strictly commercial entity. You will not see pop music lumped into one Grammy category […]