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WARNING! IF YOU DETEST DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS DON’T READ THIS! Please excuse me while I vent. I just can’t keep it in any more, And since this is my website, I feel like I can let fly for a minute. Has the whole country gone crazy?  How the hell does someone like Donald Trump get […]

Attack of the Spam Snoids!

Dear music fans, Since starting this blog I have been inundated with spam and erroneous posts that could potentially gum up the works on this blog and even shut it down. I am being hyper careful about whose posts I actually put up on the blog for the obvious reasons. If you want to post […]

Developing as a creative Musician

I’m reading a book at the moment about the Beatles, Cant Buy Me Love The Beatles, Britain and America by Jonathan Gould. In the early pages of the book we read about John, Paul and George being part of a band called the Quarrymen, who got together initially to play a style of music called […]

That Wonderful yet Elusive Place

That Wonderful yet Elusive Place You are playing with your favorite rhythm section, and playing a tune that you have played many times before. The notes are flowing effortlessly back and forth between the players, engrossed in a deep and gratifying conversation. It doesn’t really feel like you are playing, but rather you are an […]

The Glorious 60’s

The 60’s were an amazing time for this wacky human race.  I am grateful to have been a teenager during this era, when all sorts of values and concepts were being challenged by young people far and wide. We all began to wonder why the white Anglo Saxon model should be the guiding philosophy in […]

Thinking about the importance of being relaxed while playing

Tuesday March 15, 2011 Hello all! I’m  writing to you from Stockholm, Sweden.  I was thinking about how one of the keys to playing in a connected, concise fashion is so very contingent on being relaxed.  The components to being are relaxed are: 1. Feeling like you are prepared, as in knowing the music inside […]

What I’m reading

My latest  reading adventure is with an autobiography of the great tenor saxophonist/composer-arranger Jimmy Heath called  I Walked with Giants. Jimmy is an incredible musician who has been in the middle of jazz history since the early 50s up to the present. He hung with John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, wrote tunes, arranged […]

New Yellowjackets Recording

The Yellowjackets celebrate a 30th anniversary this year. I’ve been in the band for 20 years. Hard to believe!  We are releasing our 21st cd called Timeline in mid March. Further adventures of the Yellowjackets, venturing into some different areas for the band. It is so great to be in a band where everyone is […]

What a schedule!

I’m just finishing up a week of traveling and playing that depicts how intense the life of a working/teaching musician can be. On Sunday February. 6th the Yellowjackets  finished a 6 night run at the Bluenote in NYC. The band sounded great with Will Kennedy back on board. Monday morning I flew back to Los […]

Welcome to My New Website

Finally!  The debut of my new website, which was over a year in the making. I hope you’ll enjoy the content, which includes lots of video, information about my career, my schedule and my discography, as well as music and books I’ve written. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.